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In this episode we cover Captain Atom's entire first DC solo series as well as his appearances in Justice League International and Extreme Justice.  Email us at charactersphinx@yahoo.com. Follow us on Twitter @charactersphinx. Check out our Facebook Page just search Character Spinx

00:00 intros (send us mail! we'll read it!)

4:20 creator bios/creator bios/professionalism

20:18 series overview

21:40 captain atom #1- dc origin issue

45:00ish captain atom #3- charlton elements, military lies

53:00ish- dr. spectro

57:00ish- plastique (ehhhh….)

1:01:50- please send mail

1:04:30- cap's daughter peggy

1:08:00- grasping at straws/homosexual overtones

1:10:35- the x-ionizer/cambodia

1:17:15 major force

1:29:00 resigning from the military/the ghost

1:38:00ish- invasion!

1:40:30- lies exposed

1:44:30- silver shield

1:51:30- from left field! cap #40-43

1:55:00ish black racer, death, and…NEKRON? captain atom as vertigo character

2:03:00ish closing out the bates/weisman run (cap #44-50)

2:18:30ish post bates/weisman

2:22:00 ending of the solo series (cap #54-57)

2:30:30ish brief thoughts on justice league europe and extreme justice

2:37:00ish suggested reading

2:38:30 wrap up


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00:00 intros, intros, intros, creator overviews

31:00 origin of captain atom- space adventures

39:30 "the little wanderer"- space adventures

47:00 "space vaccine"

51:00 enter: aliens

52:30 court-martial?

57:30 captain atom's first solo series

59:00 first supervillains

1:15:00 ditko as plotter/marvel comics/captain atom 83&84

1:42:30 return of the ghost

1:48:30 letter columns/poem/alan moore thievery

1:52:30 bug planet

2:02:15 final issue of captain atom

2:06:20 post-cancellation/fan fiction/dc comics pre-crisis

2:17:40 WATCHMEN/BEFORE WATCHMEN/creator rights/etc

2:34:50 plug for j.t. krul/freddie williams/jose villarubia series

2:35:35 wrap up/rambling/etc


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