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Episode 4 - Aquaman Part 1

We discuss the entire Golden Age Aquaman. We tell you everything you need to know from this era of Aquaman and give you a sampling of what this era's Aquaman stories are like.  No show time notes this time because we jump issues and topics fast. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @CharacterSphinx and join our Facebook Page. Also send us an email at charactersphinx@yahoo.com. We read anything we get on the air!


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In this episode we cover Captain Atom's involvement in Superman/Batman 1-6 and 20, Captain Atom: Armageddon, Battle For Bludhaven, Countdown, Action Comics Backups, Justice League Generation Lost, and finally the phenomenal New 52 Captain Atom series by JT Krul and Freddie Williams II. Aquaman Next!!!  Email us at charactersphinx@yahoo.com. Follow us on Twitter @charactersphinx. Check out our Facebook Page just search Character Spinx.

00:00 Intros, Mail (thanks Christine!)

4:10 The Almost-Death of Sphinge Derick

5:10 Public Enemies

14:40 Captain Atom: Armageddon

36:20 Battle For Bludhaven. Ugh.

41:15 Countdown To Final Crisis/ Countdown To Sphinge Suicide

55:00 Action Comics Backup Strip

1:04:00 Justice League: Generation Lost

1:33:00 CAPTAIN ATOM IN THE NEW 52 (it's good stuff. buy it.)

2:20:00 BUY IT

2:21:00 criticism of DC for their scheduling of the Captain Atom collection

2:26:00 (Seriously. Stop buying Detective Comics and buy Captain Atom.)

2:33:00 Send us mail! Say anything! charactersphinx@yahoo.com


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