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Comics Tribune Episode 5

So I kind of forgot what we talked about this episode but I'm sure it's good!


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Comics Tribune Episode 4

Welcome back to the Tribune! This episode we open with some single issue discussion as Andrew tells us about the Batman & Robin Annual and Green Lantern Annual. Derick then quickly tells us about Mars Attacks Classics Vol 2, Mouse Guard Fall 1152 and Winter 1152, and Mr. Murder is Dead. After that we discuss Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters, Green Arrow: Quiver, and Andrew talks about Green Arrow: Year One. Dave read the first omnibus of Matt Fractions Iron Man and since Derick and Andrew both have read it before, everyone gets to complain about the art. We then end on a high note as Derick explains the greatness behind Mark Waid's Fantastic Four run.

00:00:37 - Intro

00:02:28 - News/Retractions

00:08:51 - Andrew's Quick Hits (Batman & Robin Annual, Green Lantern Corps Annual)

00:19:17 - Derick's Quick Hits (Mars Attacks Classics Vol 2, Mouse Guard Fall 1152 and Winter 1152, Mr. Murder is Dead)

00:31:48 - Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters

00:55:30 - Green Arrow: Quiver

01:07:12 - Green Arrow: Year One

01:12:10 - Iron Man by Matt Fraction Omnibus 1

01:30:06 - Fantastic Four run by Mark Waid


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