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The Legion of Super-Heroes has long been one of the most intimidating groups to start reading. Well with Character Sphinx mountains of continuity mess will be understand and the Legion will be come clear.

Join us for the first 10 Legion appearances and watch as one-off idea comes back by popular demand and starts on path to becoming an ongoing powerhouse that will eventually produce one of the most famous DC stories ever!

-Next Legion of Super-Heroes Episode:
     -Legion of Super-Heroes Episode 0002 - April 1962-October 1962
            -Action Comics 287, 289-290
            -Adventure Comics 300
            -Superboy 98, 100
            -Superman 152, 155-156
            -More of the Legion with Superman, Superboy and Supergirl
            -New Legionnaires
            -Beginning of the Legion as a regular feature
     -Next Episode
            -Batman Episode 0002 - March 1940-June 1940
                   -Batman V1 #1
                   -Detective Comics V1 #37-40
                   -New York’s World’s Fair Comics 1940

Read along and let me know what you think:
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0:30           Opening and Background on Legion of Super-Heroes
4:25           Adventure Comics 247 - The Legion of Super-Heroes
9:35           Adventure Comics 267 - Prisoner of the Super-Heroes
13:10         Action Comics 267 - The Three Super-Heroes
16:45         Superboy 86 - The Army of Living Kryptonite Men
18:55         Adventure Comics 282 - Lana Lang and the Legion of Super-Heroes
21:40         Action Comics 276 - Supergirl’s Three Super Girl-Firends
24:40         Superboy 89 - Superboy’s Big Brother and The Secret of Mon-El
27:20         Superman 147 - The Legion of Super-Villains
31:10         Adventure Comics 290 - The Secret of the Seventh Super-Hero
34:25         Adventure Comics 293 - The Legion of Super-Traitors
37:45         Wrap-Up
38:40         Upcoming Episodes

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